6 Perks Of Studying In Germany


Germany is one of the more popular destinations for overseas education in Europe. Research says that most of the students at German Universities come from abroad. Not only do German universities provide top class degrees but a degree from a German university is highly respected by employers in any part of the world.

Here below are a few reasons that make Germany a popular education hub among many.

1. Affordable Education: Studying in Germany has several benefits and one of the major benefits is the low or no tuition fees at public universities. German universities receive substantial funding from the government and hence such low costs for education. Bachelor programs are tuition free at public universities and master degree programs come with a tuition fee but not as high as other countries. However, if you have plans of studying at a private university, you might be paying up to 20,000 euros per year whereas in public institutions you will be paying up to 500 euros per year for tuition.

2. Affordable Living Expenses: Compared to other countries in Europe, the cost of living in Germany is reasonable.  The rent will be the largest expense. The country also provides a number of concessions for students and you can receive reduced ticket prices at places like theaters, museums, cinemas etc. As a student, you would be spending up to 300 euros on the monthly rent and up to 500 euros for other basic expenses.

3. Top Class Degrees: German higher education is considered to be one of the best in the world and considered on par with countries like the US and UK. German degrees are highly respected by employers all over the world, especially in the fields of engineering and science.

4. Studying in English: Many courses in German universities are being offered in English especially in the master’s degree level. This is advantageous for aspirants who live outside Europe and do not know the German language. You could refer to the DAAD database for a list of international degree programs in Germany.

5. Diversity: Germany is a diverse country and is culturally rich. From beaches and mountains to mind-blowing architecture, you can find everything. Since Germany is right in the middle of your Europe, access to other places such as Paris, Rome, and Prague is easy. All these destinations are just a few hours away, either by train or plane. Making short trips are quite affordable too. This way you can experience different cultures.

6. Learning a new language: German is one of the top ten most spoken languages in the world and learning this language can open new opportunities. Having knowledge of this language also helps to make life easier while in Germany. This language is also spoken in a few other countries like Austria and Switzerland. Many countries like Denmark, Hungary, and Poland have German as their national minority language.

The application process to Germany can be a daunting and with the help of the best overseas education consultants, you can ease the entire process.


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