How to Work In Europe – Tips on Working Abroad Now


If you think the time has come for you to make a change, a change that involves working and moving to another country, then it is best that you be prepared because working abroad can be a very intimidating time. Many people asks me how to work in Europe especially now when people are more aware of the possibilities.

Although the idea of working in Europe

Choose where you want to go. It helps tremendously if you know someone who lives abroad. They can help you with contacts and accommodations while you look for work.

You may or may not get that job immediately so be sure you have that extra cash to tide you over for rent and food till you do. The worst that could happen, if you cannot find that job and the money runs out, then you can say you have had a short holiday.

If you are not fussy about the type of work you want to do in Europe, then you have plenty of options. If you have no experience (although better chance of securing that job if you do) then you can consider these:

Work in a bar/pub/restaurant – if possible apply directly to the manager. Apply to several places, you stand a better chance of getting a job that way
Admin – these are pretty easy to come by, go to their recruitment agencies
Sales – shops, streets, resorts, hotels
Freelance – check out their local newspaper
Granted it’s not your dream job, but it will put some cash in your pockets while you explore the country firsthand.

Once you get that job be sure to get contacts. Let your new found friends, colleagues and boss know of you skills. You will be surprised at the doors that could open once the know. Most of the jobs I did came from recommendations from people I hardly know.

People are generally curious about other countries and telling them about yourself can make interesting conversations. They will remember you and can easily give you tips on job openings that you would not otherwise know.

I wish you the best of luck and I know whatever the outcome, you WILL enjoy your trip working abroad.

I hope this can be of use to you and answers some of your questions on how to work in Europe.

Michael Alfie has been traveling and working around the world for over 7 years. He has now since retired. He highly recommends people to step out of the comfort zone and work and travel abroad.


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