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Finding skilled people is becoming increasingly difficult, even in recession hit countries. Kasper Groningen, fellow at the department of Science and Technology in Copenhagen, believes that the telecoms industry in Europe will be strong despite the downturn and the telecoms engineering sector will grow 10%-15% each year for the next 5 years. “Each year sees growth in the number of handsets bought, and demand for handsets equals demand for bandwidth”.

Epically buoyant is the growth in 3G mobile services, which will double in revenues within the next five years. Applications like picture messaging have had a big impact in demand for data services over the last 5 years, but not the demand that was initially expected. This was the case when telecom companies paid ridiculously high prices for the 3G licences in 2000.

This investment is only now beginning to bear fruit with the growth of mobile data services like MMS and Mobile hotspots. This growth is fuelling demand for telecom engineers in Europe with data charging, software engineering and sales consultants.

One webmaster who owns a telecom and engineering jobs website says that the economic downturn has not affected the demand for recruitment in telecoms. “We are finding it hard to meet demand for Software Testers/QA Engineers recently and senior front end engineers” admits the webmaster. Another strong area is in the telecom sales and consultancy. The webmaster believes that these are the hardest positions to fill. “I would recommend any young person to major in sales with some technology training. On our site they are the most sought after and well paid positions”.

But right now, the biggest worry for all companies across Europe is the ability to pull through the credit crisis. Even with strong demand in the telecoms sector, the record rises in growth in the recent years, everything depends on how the governments and financial institutions of Europe react to this crisis.

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